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what is documentary photography?


Documentary photography truly captures you as you are. You. Your spouse. Your little ones. It captures your personality as a family and the way that you connect with each other. It captures your quirks. It captures the phases that your children will soon outgrow.

It pauses the good times and bottles all of the happiness and love you felt that day. It captures the hard work you put into your family, the way you tentatively follow your almost one year old as she attempts to walk for the very first time, it captures you sitting at the table with your son helping him do his homework, it captures your commitment, the frown on his forehead when he doesn’t get it quite right and it also captures the delight when he solves the problem – all by himself!

It captures his young adventurous heart, out on yet another adventure with his younger siblings in tow. Your life. As it is. Through the good and bad – it shows your love is constant through it all. It’s real life. Beautifully told. So you can look back. Laugh. Shed a few happy tears. And know that you are so, so lucky. So blessed. And that you’re doing a pretty darn good job.

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Session day is casual and truly, it’s easy. For the amount of time you have with me, I won’t be putting you into complicated poses but rather, it’ll be a fun day spent cherishing the ones you love.

You’ll be having so much fun the time will pass by before you know it. Most of the time, the hard part comes from choosing. How are you supposed to sum up your life, right now, in as little as six hours? Two hours even? So many choices, so many possibilities. It can seem overwhelming.

Or maybe, it’s the other way around. You’re sitting/lying/standing there thinking, my life is boring! But let me tell you right now, it’s not! Your every day routine, in itself, holds so many photo worthy possibilities!

When you book with me know that I’m there to help you throughout the process, I give you questionnaires that will help you dig deep and really reflect on what is so awesome about your family (the questionnaires in itself can become a souvenir to keep for later). If you put in a little preparation you will yield many cherished memories for many, many years to come.




playing with sand at the beach rugby at the beach hugs with mum


Most of my families love spending time at the beach! We are so lucky to have so many right at our doorstep.


family cuddles bedtime stories


Stay where the kids feel most comfortable. Let the kids get out their favourite toys, water their mini garden or kick the ball around in the backyard.


fun at rainbows end


Auckland is great in way of attractions. Kids have so much to choose from. Hear the dinosaurs roar at Butterfly Creek, go on the rollercoaster at Rainbow’s End or be amazed by Crystal Mountain.




Trolleys can be lots of fun! These guys enjoyed every second of it!


best friends


Friends forever. Capture the beautiful bond they share.


trampoline fun  fun with dad on the trampoline


Kids love trampolines! Capture the laughter and light in their eyes.


first birthday cake smash


Birthdays are a time to celebrate, eat cake and have fun! Have all of the fun documented.


Documentary sessions are for everyone. You have an amazing story to tell and it’s worth being documented forever. Book your fun documentary session today!