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The way she twirls her hair around her finger. When he's full of energy, excitement and thrills! The way your one your old expresses himself. The stories that are told, the drinks that are shared around, and the cousins getting together at the family reunion. And how your golden retriever is part of the family.

The moments you want to hold, cherish, and remember. Forever. 

The moments you don't want to forget. 

I'm here to help you achieve just that. 




* a non-refundable $100 retainer is held for all sessions
* payment plans available


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Half - full 'day in the life' sessions

Life as it is; the good, the bad, the ugly, the chaotic, the weird, the funny, the loud, the quiet, the exhausted, the peaceful, and most importantly, the love.


[dropcap background_color="#FFFFFF" color="#0F0F0F" size="400"]D[/dropcap]ocumentary sessions are a great way to really capture the essence of your family. I will spend a few hours with you and your family in your own home or a favourite family spot (or both!). All you have to do is invite me in. It’s nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Go about doing your everyday things, spend time with your family and leave the photography side of things to me.2

We will shadow your typical weekday or weekend and at the end I’ll hand over a beautifully made book telling your unique family story. These sessions are priceless and speak volumes of your children’s personalities, little habits and the cute, funny, adorable and lovable expressions they have at this time in their life.

For the growing family, these sessions are great to repeat every year to show the growth, the changes, the quirks and bond your family has.

What to Expect



Maternity sessions are family or couple sessions, with more focus on our expecting mama. If neither of these apply to you, you can work around it by inviting the girlfriends or grandparents over and doing it that way instead. Either way, make sure you document this special moment and journey into motherhood. 




I always meet with expectant parents beforehand so we can get to know each other and so that you feel comfortable inviting me in on the big day. I work very discreetly as to not disturb you and your partner and work hard to capture the mood in the room, the supportive and caring relationship between you and your partner, the wonderful arrival of your baby and the small, finer details that tell your birth story.




These sessions are in-home and very casual. I’ll bring my camera and that’s it. Yes, that’s right. No backdrops, just you and your gorgeous wee one! The session will go from anywhere between one or two hours. Expect messes and frequent feedings and get the house nice and cosy before I arrive.

I’ll start by going through the house to find the best light and we’ll hang out in those rooms. What proceeds from there is totally dependent on the baby. Are you in the middle of rocking him back to sleep or does he need a nappy change? Were you just about to feed him or is he crying up a storm? Don’t stress. We’ll change his nappy, swaddle and burp him until he’s calm again.

After that, all you need to do is enjoy this time with your gorgeous baby! Do you love talking to her, do you smother her with kisses or perhaps you just cant get enough of her teeny tiny little fingers and toes. Sit back, relax, savour this moment in your life, and let me do the rest.




A family session is just another day in the life. What’s yours like? Is it filled with fun? Storybooks? Heading out to the beach? Or do the boys hide out in the tree hut on the lookout for foes? Whatever it may be, that’s what we’ll do. Because that’s what you’ll want to remember, not some distant location you’ve never been to before. These photos will take you back in years to come. You wont be able to look at them without a little smile forming on your face or a cherished memory forming from the depths of inside that you’d thought you had forgotten, and the memories just keep coming in waves after that. So come up with some activities your family loves and we’ll do just that. It’s that simple. Don’t worry if someone has a tantrum or doesn’t want to smile for the camera, it’ll happen sooner or later and for the latter, I’m not looking for cheesy smiles anyway! Just go with it. And let them be little.




Great for both the young and old. Couple sessions are the time for you and your beloved to show your inner selves, your love for one another, and your favourite outfits in a favourite location. Plan your date and then invite me along - it's as easy as that! Will it be cosy and romantic or adventurous and fun? Some couples choose that special spot where he proposed, others their favourite restaurant, winery, or amusement park. What do you and your loved one enjoy doing together? I can’t wait to get you in front of the lens and bring out what makes you a special couple!

Couple sessions are great for proposals, a romantic date, or for telling your beloved your pregnant!




Whether your little girl or boy is turning one, you've invited the local kids around for a carnival themed party or you're having a family reunion, now is the perfect time to hire a photographer. 

At events I photograph all of the fun and excitement you can expect on your special day. It is very documentary, but I also like to grab a few portraits along the way.  Sit back, relax, and know that I'm hard at work capturing all of those special moments.


100% Satisfaction


If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. It's a simple as that. Go into this knowing that I've got you covered. 

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