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Every day heroes

There are some stories that are so moving, so beautiful and so remarkable, that they shouldn't go unnoticed. They need to be shown to the world.

This one is for the every-day-heroes that go unnoticed.

If you think you've got a extraordinary story, let me know. I love hearing stories about real life people making small but significant changes in the world! And I know others do too!

So here's how it works, write to me, tell me what your story is and I'll see if I can make it and get back to you. Also, please know that due to the nature of this offering, I wont be able to accept everyone. In general, I will be taking on one or two a year, depending on how busy I am. Also take into consideration that this only applies to travel within the Auckland area.



ALSO: other stories I'm looking for right now:

  • Adoptions
  • Local party for the kiddos
  • Proposals
  • Surprises: do you have a wonderful mother that you're planning on surprising with something big? Is there a mother in need of a helping hand and you've got twenty!




Tell your story -

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