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A B O U T   M E

Your life is passing by so quickly. I know. I feel it too. And that's how I've come here - I want to capture my family's life in an artistic and beautiful way. I want that for you too. 

April Rose Photography - specialising in lifestyle and documentary sessions

My name is April, and I'm thrilled you've made it over to my page. I'm a mother of two boys and constantly on the move. We spend hours at the beach, make new friends at the skate park and have drawn countless chalk murals. Before I know it, the year has passed, my boys are one year older, and I have countless memories displayed across my walls to smile about and reflect on.

My boys lives are forever changing, they out grow that cute teddy bear onsie, stop needing snuggles as much and grow more independent year after year. I love watching their development, but also want to remember the moments that my life was once full of. So if you're a past/current/future client or just want some tips and inspiration on how to capture those moments beautifully, come join me and make your mark on the world.

To those perfectly, imperfect moments,




The highs and lows.

Through the good, the bad,

the ugly, and the weird.


As a parent, I understand. The tantrums? All because he wanted to walk in front of you? (Yeah, that happened a lot...) The right before he’s about to fall asleep and he says, “I’m hungry.” (Those ones are hard, especially when you’ve just invested half an hour (or an hour.. or two) to reading books and getting him to bed!). And the countless times your one year old hits his older brother... only be told off once again, and just to do it... yet... again? And that’s just the beginning....

And then there’s those moments. Those moments that you so wish would stand still so you can savour them forever. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! I can see a moment already forming 😉

So, what was it? (Email it to me, I really want to know!)

I know my favourite ones are just being with him. After a long, hard day I lay him down to bed and the stress just washes away. It’s in those moments when I snuggle close and listen to his heavy breathing that life slows down.
There’s still plenty on the to-do list but I find that I don’t want to go anywhere. Snugging him is the best thing EVER and the world can wait a little longer.

Then there’s those action moments where I completely forget about everything else and just be a kid again! I love just being a kid! It’s soooo cool!

Or when we are relaxing near one of our many beaches here in Aotearoa.Going for a long bush walk (ok, not so long but long for him, hehe). I love these moments when there’s nothing else competing for my attention. I’m truly in the moment, actually enjoying them and family being at the top of the list of ‘to-do’s’.

Because family is important. It’s important to play, to forget about the world and really focus on them, to be a kid again.

I truly believe that.

If you’re on the same page as I am, I want to know you and your family. Let’s show the world how much you LOVE, because this is what it’s all about.

So c’mon, lets go on an adventure together.
Are you ready?


Childhood Home


The country was my childhood home. The fresh country air, the roosters cry that would break the mornings silence, and thirty three acres of land to discover. Many fond memories were made there. Trying to stay warm by the fire. Exploring the terrain. Making huts. Climbing the highest trees.

Making and enjoying home made ice cream. The spa that would only occasionally work. Going for rides on our old run down tractor. And inviting the next door neighbours over to play. Discovering our next adventure was what we lived for.

These are the memories that fill my childhood years.

If I’d had a documentary session back then, they would be full of muddy boots, unruly hair and most of all they would tell a story of ADVENTURE.

You would see the love between my brothers and I, our united interest that had us spending hours in our part of the forest. My love of books, the navy cut hair that my brothers disliked so much, and the love and hard work that my mother put into us that was evident all around the house.

It would show us in the garage working on our handmade boats, down by the stream racing them to the finish line, then up the trees catching the view. You’d see us tentatively listening to our older sister spinning up tales of what lived under the lily pads, or perhaps an engrossing tale of the next door neighbour whom we’d never met.

You’d see us trading Pokémon cards, trying out the PS1 for the very first time and us just scraping by. We never wanted much. We had each other. And a huge backyard for our playground. What more could we ask for?

Childhood. The time for freedom, carelessness and exploration.

Let me fill your home of the life you’ve lived and loved.

Let the tales begin.